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QPuncture III CD-Rom [2022]




doc format for convenience of users. The Crystal Healing is a comprehensive system of healing which will not only heal you but will make your life healthier, happier and more exciting. For the past twenty years, Crystal Healing has been the life changing gift it was designed to be. I started this business because of my own physical, emotional and spiritual healing. In one year, I was free of sin, my body and mind were free from addiction, my work improved and my whole life was better. I now take a crystal to many people who I am trying to help and I watch what happens. Many of my clients are greatly improved, some with just a small piece of stone, others with several different crystals all taken at once. I would recommend the Crystal Healing System to anyone who wants to gain, maintain and heal their health. It is inexpensive, highly effective, easy to learn and practice, and has no side effects. My life was saved by these crystals. I was very blessed to find this CD-Rom that covers everything I know about Crystal Healing. I am passing it on to all my friends and family." Peggy Davis, Age 40, Gynae and Internal Medicine Doctor "If you are looking for a quick way to heal yourself from head to toe or you are looking to be free from disease, energy blocks or negative emotions, then the Crystal Healing System is the answer you are looking for. Crystal Healing is an amazing healing program that will help you, heal you and keep you well!” “The Crystal Healing System has been the greatest blessing to my family. I have healed my husband from cancer, I have healed my son of schizophrenia, I have healed my daughter-in-law of breast cancer, and my son of some very intense health problems. The crystals have helped my children heal, and my parents and myself from many illnesses that we were suffering from for many years. I will say that I am not an expert in this area. I am just someone who was blessed to be taught this healing by the Creator. I was truly blessed. I was on my knees just thanking God for this blessing. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for health in any area." Patti, Age 53, Lawyer, Georgia "My Father was dying of cancer and I was amazed at the results. He was a 59 year old man and he had been through many different doctors and treatments.



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